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Shine On Awards

District 9780 Contact: Graham Thomson, Geelong East
SHINE ON AWARDS 2020 - 2021 will be held at Traralgon Golf Club from 1pm onwards on 16 May 2021.
The Event recognises volunteer and paid work carried out by people with a disability in their local community. Their disability could be a chronic illness, an acquired injury, or a congenital condition and may affect the person’s mental, intellectual, physical, mobility and/or psycho-social functioning.
  The Awards have two levels:           Award Trophies
                                                                Highly Commended
  There are two age brackets:            15 – 24 years Youth
                                                                Over 25 years Adult
The Shine Event representatives on each District Vocational Committee distribute Nomination Forms to individual Clubs around September Anyone can nominate a candidate, with the Nomination form being signed off by a Rotary Club member. This is the time to start looking for a suitable Nominee!
Places to start looking:
  • Interact Australia Employment Agency
  • Local Disability Support Services (including Vision Australia and Scope)
  • Citizen Advocacy Services
  • Employers who are “disability-friendly”
  • TAFE Colleges
  • Universities
  • Local Govt. Offices
Once you have selected your Nominees: -
The Nomination Form needs to be:
  • Filled in (on computer)
  • Printed out
  • Signed by nominee/parent/guardian and a Rotarian
  • Copied - THREE copies of document & references = 4 sets
  • Checked by ticking all boxes on the checklist
A three-member selection panel comprises special services personnel whose backgrounds are:
  • Medical
  • Paramedical
  • Disability Services or
  • Prominent persons with a disability
They match Nominees’ information against the Selection Criteria before making decisions regarding Adult & Youth trophies. The decisions of the panel are final.
Nominees and their families are invited to the Event where all Nominees are presented, by District Governors, with a Citation which outlines their community and paid work. The Trophies are then presented followed by afternoon tea
Each Club is responsible for transporting their Nominee and supporting them on the day. The “Shine On Recognition” Event is a great way of acknowledging these nominees who have a wide range of achievements in our community.