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This set of committees is under the management and care of the District Chair of the Rotary Foundation (DRFC) and
provides administrative support in managing the various aspects of the Rotary Foundation as it applies to the District. It
includes the Rotary Foundation Management Committee, the Alumni/ Associates Sub-Committee, the Fundraising Sub-
Committee, the Grants Sub-Committee which includes Vocational Training Teams and Scholarships, the Permanent Fund Subcommittee, Polio Plus Sub-Committee, and the Stewardship Sub-Committee.


Chair 2024 - 2025
PDG Anthony Ohlsen
PP Jenny Acopian: Geelong East

PP Paul Barrett - Ballarat South
PP Barry Clark - Mt Gambier
PP Alan Killicoat - Narracoorte
PP Peter Simons : Portland

PP Gary Newton - Geelong East



Kath Venters - Ocean Grove

This committee incorporates the Peace Fellowships & Scholarships Subcommittee and the Vocational Training Team Subcommittee. Manages the promotion and implementation of District Grants, manages Global Grants, Vocational Training Teams (VTT), and monitors the appointment, promotion and work of Peace Fellows and Scholars in our District.



Michele Van Liessum - Geelong
This committee incorporates the Annual Fund Subcommittee, the Fundraising Subcommittee and the Permanent Fund Subcommittee. Manages the promotion and organization of annual giving programs in the District including the Centurion scheme, the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) program, Endowment Giving, Major Giving Advice, giving to the Permanent fund and management of Paul Harris Society records for the District.



Chair: PP Jenny Arcopian - Geelong East


Each year Rotary selects up to 100 professionals from around the world to received fully funded academic fellowships at one of our peace centres. These Fellowships are designed for leaders with work experience in peace and development and are offered as a master’s degree or a professional development certificate.
Application timeline
The 2024–25 Rotary Peace Fellowship application is now closed. The 2025–26 Rotary Peace Fellowship application will be available online in February 2024. The deadline for submission to the District for 2025–26 Rotary Peace Fellowship applications was 15 May 2024.
Master’s degree program
The master’s degree program is of 15 to 24 months duration and includes a two to three-month field study. The ideal candidate is an early career professional who is academically strong, has a bachelor’s degree in a related field, and has at least three years of full-time relevant experience in peace and development work.
Professional development certificate program
The professional certificate program is designed for working professionals who will undertake a one-year blended program that includes field studies and the completion of a self-designed social change initiative. The ideal candidate is a proven mid-career peace and development leader with at least five years of relevant work experience.
For information about each Rotary Peace Centre, the academic programs offered, eligibility criteria, how to apply, application form, endorsement process, role of Rotarians and the District, please go to
Please direct enquiries to D9780 Peace Fellowships Officer Jenny Acopian . Click here for email contact

Manages the activities of the Vocational Training Team (VTT) committee including the promotion of VTT’s, the establishment of outgoing teams and co-ordinating incoming teams. A Subcommittee of the Grants Committee.


Manages the promotion of Polio eradication programs in the District and monitors fundraising for Polio Programs.

PP Gary Newton - Geelong East


Monitors document collection and the financial records of Rotary Foundation activities in the District, ensures records are audited correctly, deals with reports and the resolution of issues related to the misuse of Grant funds, and related legal 



Lachlan Miles - Belmont


The Paul Harris Society Sub Committee

Chair: PP Peter Simons - Portland