Cancellation of the RI Convention in Hawaii June 2020

The Rotary Australia’s Insurance program includes Travel Insurance, where members and others (refer definition of ‘The Insured’ & ‘Insured Person’) are travelling on behalf of Rotary or to attend an approved Rotary Event/Activity. This insurance includes cover for cancellation, but NOT if you decide you no longer wish to attend. It is recommended that members read the cover summary on the D9780 website for details of the cover, along with the PA & Travel Frequently Asked Questions.
The Rotary Travel Insurance cover does not have a Pandemic/Epidemic Exclusion, however, like all insurance, there is an exclusion for “known circumstances”, and members need to take all reasonable steps to reduce &/or minimise any loss. This includes complying with Government Warnings (refer Smart traveller website ). There is currently a warning “Do not travel” that applies worldwide.
Most insurers are using dates in late January for trips to China, and dates in late February/early March for most other places, as the times trips needed to have been booked before for cover to apply for cancellation due to COVID-19.  These dates are often when the Australian Government issued their “Do not travel” warning for each country. Therefor for each claim the insurer will consider the date of booking to decide if a claim is payable.
The RI Convention in Hawaii has now been cancelled, and RI have advised that you will receive a full refund of conference registrations, including accommodation booked through Rotary. You can help expedite the process by cancelling your registrations online using your My Rotary account. Please be patient whilst this happens, as most staff are working remotely & it will take a bit of time to facilitate refunds.
You can now also cancel other service providers (airfares & accommodation etc), and then submit the claim form with all supporting documentation to me. I will check your claim for completeness before sending on to Aon for them to lodge the claim with the insurer, Chubb.
Note: You do not need authorisation to attend the Rotary International Convention, as all Rotarians are encouraged to attend if possible. The Rotary Insurance Authorisation form is therefore not required to claim. However, it might be required for claims for other travel (e.g. RAWCS project trips). However, do not sent in with the claim, and if required, I will request it.
Finally, I have been advised that if you are booked to fly with QANTAS or JETSTAR that they have a deadline of 31/3/2020 for you to contact them and make changes/cancel your booking.
Please do not hesitate in contact me if you have any questions.
Yours in Rotary Service,
PP Don Shields
District Insurance Officer,
District 9780
M: 0419 390 303
To maintain an affordable insurance program, it is vital that all clubs conduct Risk Management for all projects they undertake. New forms have been released which are available on the website, and if you have any questions,  contact the District Insurance Officer, PP Don Shields.
Effective December 14, 2018  all clubs are to get all market stallholders top sign the release & retain a copy of 7 years. They are also to be provided with a copy of the insurance summary which can be found under the Stallholders Link in the left hand column.
Guidance for completion of Club Declaration Form
SECTION 1Property Insurance.
This section only needs to be completed by clubs with TOTAL property assets (Buildings, Contents & Stock) of greater than $50,000 (currently applies to only six Clubs in D9780).  If your club doesn't have property assets greater than $50,000 please leave blank.
SECTION 1: Motor Vehicles and Trailers
This section only needs to be completed by clubs with these items.  If your club doesnt have any, then leave blank.  The policy automatically covers all BBQ Trailers, Trailers, Caravans & Food Vans under $10,000.  If there is no cost to clubs for items under $10,000.
To be covered for greater than $10,000, or for any self-propelled vehicles, them MUSY be listed.  If your club doesn't wish under the insurance program, include details, but add note to this effect, and that insurance has been arranged elsewhere by the club.
SECTION 2: Protection - all clubs are to complete this Section.  Where the club also runs an OP Shop or Thrift Shop, then the additional questionnaire (under Renewal Forms) is required.