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Volunteering opportunities that connect you to your community and the world

Most of us would like to make a difference in the world and fitting volunteering opportunities into the daily grind can seem difficult. Knowing where to start may feel overwhelming and you want to be sure that your contribution makes a real difference to someone’s life.

Rotary makes things happen. Become part of a dynamic community that is committed to making the world a better place.

The best thing about Rotary is local action that makes a global difference

Rotary is all about action: doing real things, in real time, with real people. So if you’re looking for volunteering opportunities with concrete outcomes, Rotary is the place for you. Rotary projects achieve real outcomes – here at home and all over the world.

You can give as much of your time as possible, knowing you are part of a larger picture. Most people find they don’t even think about volunteering once they are involved. There is also great fellowship and family involvement but remember the balance must exist between family, business and yourself.

The people around the corner who need your help

There are people in every community who need help now and then. Some things make living a normal life harder than it should be. Join Rotary and find out the volunteering opportunities that will help people get through each day a little easier.

It may be providing something to eat, somewhere to stay, something to do. Sometimes all people need to know is that someone else cares. Rotarians care enough to give of their time but you never know – some day it might be you or your loved ones who need a little bit of help or assistance.

And Rotary will be there for you too.

The people across the globe who need all of our help

Watching the nightly news can become overwhelming seeing so many problems and disasters that seem so far away but the best thing about  globalization is that giving help is easier than ever. Rotary gives money to vaccinate children, provide clean water, educate women and eradicate poverty and much more.

Rotary funds go directly to projects that are on the ground, helping real people. Initiate your own project. Tackle a problem you care about. And see real results. It’s a pretty good feeling.

Want to spread your wings? Rotary can help you too

Volunteering opportunities with Rotary open up a whole world of other opportunities, especially for young people. Youth programs, fund raisers, leadership awards, exchange programs – find out what Rotary can offer. We may be able to help you realise your own goal or ambition.

Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

We all know the value of strong communities. What you might not realise is just how much fun you can have meeting people from your community.

Rotary attracts creative types, sporting types, cooking types. You will meet gardeners and lawyers, gym junkies, number crunchers, vets, musicians, power lunchers, builders and designers. You will meet people like you. And more importantly – people who are different. People you wouldn’t normally meet in your work, school or regular life.

Make long lasting friendships and be part of something bigger than you

You will meet people who want to make change happen. And you will become part of a community that really does bring about change. You know what – Rotary is also about relishing life and doing things you love.

As well as raising funds and making things happen, Rotary members get into all kinds of things. So whether you love cycling, skiing, stamp collecting or travel – get into Rotary and find other people who share your passion.

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