Rotary Leadership Institute

RLI Chair 2024 - 2025 To be Advised

The Rotary Leadership Institute is a recommended, unofficial affiliate of Rotary International, but not an official program of Rotary, nor under its control.

Established in 1994 to assist in improving the Rotary knowledge and leadership skills of the future leaders of clubs and districts, the Rotary Leadership Institute is a multi-district program (division) already functional in many Zones around the world.

The Australia-Southern Division was formed in 2008. The institute offers a training program in three sessions, in the future to be followed by graduate seminars. 
RLI is a facilitated learning process following the principles of adult learning.  A structured curriculum is followed, and participants are required to be fully involved in discussion, research, presenting and a range of learning activities Feedback from the participants indicates an added value for them is to meet other Rotarians and learn with them.
All facilitators are experienced Rotarians who have completed RLI and also completed the RLI Facilitator's Training. 
The focus of the program is on the participants rather than on a presenter, as RLI is about learning and developing skills and definitely not a lecture.
It is fast-paced, cooperative learning at its best, with Rotary knowledge, leadership skills, public speaking, public relations, membership and fun all rolled into 3 one-day sessions.
Participating in RLI may be the most important Rotary training you undertake, informing you, empowering you as a leader and creating a network of other Rotarians from many Clubs around the District.