This is an area that we will be building and adding resources for you to learn how to use clubrunner.  Please note that these apply specifically to the District version of clubrunner (and different to the club version of clubrunner).


Clubrunner is a web portal that provides both a web site front (for both Rotarians and the public - great PR tool), and then the portal area that requires member login.  In this protected area you can access member contact details, as well as various district contacts.  Also the clubs are able to report attendance and a variety of other functions. 


First of all the documents will be in both PowerPoint 2003 and pdf format.  These can be downloaded and saved to your computer or opened.


Please provide feedback and also suggestions for more information.


The first documents are for all Rotarians to get their login details, login and to use the "For Members" section of the admin area.  


The next documents will be for club executives.