To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rotary in Australia, the Rotary Club of Balwyn (herein after called RCB) will donate a significant portion of its annual income generated from its Camberwell Sunday Market to assist other Rotary Clubs in Australia in their humanitarian endeavors. Since 1976, the Sunday Market has become a Melbourne icon and tourist attraction and the many millions of dollars generated from the Sunday Market has enabled the RCB to start many major community projects and assist in philanthropic initiatives within Australia and internationally.


It is the sincere wish of the Rotary Club of Balwyn to share the Club’s good fortune by providing Balwyn Centenary Grants (herein after called BCG) to other Rotary Clubs to give their members the opportunity to fulfill their dreams in making the world a better place. Subject to the Sunday Market returning to pre-COVID-19 trading patterns, the RCB will commit approximately $1,000,000 over the next 5 years to aid other Rotary Clubs in Australia.




  •   Only Rotary Clubs in Australia are eligible to apply for a BCG;
  •   Grants will be available from $10,000 to $100,000;
  •   There will be two funding rounds per year—however for 2021, application will only be received for the September round;
  •   All Rotary Clubs and Rotarians throughout Australia are herein called the Applicant and third-party organizations that receive BCG’s funding via Rotary Club application are herein called the Recipient Organization;
  •   Applications will close on March 31 for the first round and September 3 for the second round and outcomes will be notified by May 15 and     November 15 of each year respectively;
  •   Applications will only be received online via the email address on the form;
  •   All applications must comply with rules and policies of Rotary International;
  •   If the applicant is registered for GST, the amount applied for should be inclusive of GST;
  •   The Application Form is quite extensive to enable a complete understanding of your request to avoid the need for further communication with the Applicant;
  •   Acknowledgement of the financial assistance provided by the Rotary Club ofof Balwyn would be appreciated.



The Rotary Foundation’s seven Areas of Focus will apply to International projects and the 4 areas listed below are more applicable to Australia wide projects.

  •   Community and Social Development
  •   Environment
  •   Indigenous Support
  •   Youth Support



Project applications will be primarily assessed in relation to the following points:

  •   Projects directly benefitting a larger number of persons or community organisations;
  •   Projects other than International that can be completed within 12 months from the date of grant approval;
  •   Projects that can demonstrate that the benefits and outcomes can be sustained without further funding from the BCG.
  •   Applications that can demonstrate that the club and the responsible person can successfully implement projects of this nature.



  •   Research projects;
  •   Grants to individuals;
  •   Grants to medical organizations / facilities;
  •   Grants to religious organizations, political organizations and related entities;
  •   Reimbursement for projects either completed or in-progress;
  •   Projects where the anticipated outcomes are not able to be measured;
  •   Funding for administrative costs beyond the advised completion of the project;
  •   Funding for recurrent costs;
  •   Funding of government and government related entities;
  •   Further submissions from Rotary Clubs that have not had their Acquittal Form accepted by RCB;
  •   Fundraising and public relations activities;
  •   Purchase of land and buildings;
  •   Personal and travel expenses;
  •   Expenses for and or related to Rotary events and programs;
  •   Multiple unrelated projects under one grant;
  •   Projects previously applied for to BCG.