by Linda Carr



A simple statement? If you have been “nominated” to be your Club’s Environment Champion, where do you start?  The good news is that all successful change starts with easy, baby steps.


1. Before you head off to develop an action plan, it’s best to first understand what your club members feel about this topic.  Understand their concerns, don’t dismiss them.  Find an ally in the club to support you in addressing those concerns.


2. Keep it simple. Don’t try to “boil the ocean.”  Develop a simple vision of what you think the club can achieve in the next eighteen months.  Perhaps a good place to start is to ensure the club is compliant with the Victorian State Government’s ban on single-use plastic that takes effect Feb 2023 -


3. Agree on a few goals and report your success– a mix of achievable and stretch goals.


4. Have a kick-off of your action plan – give members a chance to discuss it.


5. Make it fun –quizzes/ fines/ link up with a nearby club/partner with a school or church. Passionate and informed speakers are another possibility. 


6. Use photos, pictures, posters – in your newsletter, website, meeting room.  Constancy of messaging is important.  Regular small articles are better than one long piece in the newsletter.  


7. Never forget that change is not always easy and takes time, so celebrate all small wins along the way.

If compliance to the Single-use plastic ban will be easy for your club, then perhaps compile a list of all items the club uses now that are made of new paper or plastic (virgin material) and see if you can move to recycled or compostable brands. The District Committee can offer ideas and tips and the MyRotary site has good information as well.