by Jo White, The Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong

2021 Donate Life Week: 25th July- 1st August 

 The focus on organ donation should last for three hundred and sixty-five days a year not just for one week. The reason for this is that organ donation can touch us personally at any time. This could occur with the loss of a loved one and making that very unselfish decision of organ donation. This can also occur with a family member or friend receiving the gift of life through organ donation. Every registration for organ donation counts as there are more than 1600 Australians on the current waitlist for a life-saving transplant.

Bayside Rotarian, Ian Aranyosi understands that only too well. With the loss of his wife Heather in a dreadful car accident in 2019, Ian was faced with the decision that none of us ever want to have to make. Heather was already registered as an organ donor, but as is protocol, the final decision for organ donation remained with the family. Ian and their four children respected Heather’s wishes, agreed to go ahead and said yes to donation of her organs.

Consider the ripple effect these decisions made on so many families. It isn’t just the five organs that were donated to five people. A family in their time of grief made the decision to say “Yes” and with this decision, touched many other lives. 

The picture below includes Ian Aranyosi with his children, their partners, and his grandchildren. The vehicle they are standing in front of is a Sprint Car. This car was dressed to bring attention to the DonateLife campaign and to remember Heather. This car was displayed and raced in January 2020 at the Warrnambool Grand Annual Sprint Car Classic, the second largest event of its kind in the world.


Never assume you are too old, too young, or not healthy enough to become a donor. 

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