Hello Rotarians and friends and welcome to this month’s DG Newsletter. 


The Rotary year has again shown how we can adapt to our ever-changing COVID-19 world. Many Clubs are reverting to their online meeting formats, that also allow for the enhancement of our ongoing connection and welfare of our fellow Rotarians.

Over the past month, I was fortunate enough to be able to undertake my DG Club visitations in Ballarat and the Geelong area. A big thank you to those Clubs I attended for their hospitality, engagement, and enthusiasm towards embracing the challenges we face. Whilst visiting these Clubs I was amazed by the number of varied and inventive programs, projects and events that Clubs are undertaking. With the ongoing focus on the “Big R” of Rotary, it is very pleasing to observe that Clubs in both the Ballarat and the Geelong area are having discussions and collaborating on bigger events and projects that will have impactful outcomes for their Clubs and communities. All these events will help many, as we all Serve to Change Lives.  Well done to you all. 


With the current restrictions, I will postpone my Club visitation over the next few weeks, and I look forward to when I am able to be back on the road visiting many of our great Clubs.


Membership is a big part of my message. It is very encouraging that most Clubs I visited have either inducted new members, have prospective members in the pipeline or have planned strategies toward membership growth. I was very honoured to have the pleasure of inducting a new member, Gerard Felipe, into our Highton Club. He is a young man with enthusiasm and energy. Two other prospective members also attended that meeting and I look forward to hearing of their progress into Rotary membership.  


For Rotary to continue and grow, we must look towards feeding our Clubs with new members so that we can have ongoing impact in our communities and around the world. Growth will also provide for the future fulfillment of administrative & executive positions within our Clubs and District.  Another standout observation was the acknowledgment and willingness of our longer-term servicing Rotarians in their acceptance of the need for Rotary to change and be more relevant in our member engagement, meeting offerings and communities to meet current expectations and work-life balances. Thank you.


“Membership is the responsibility of all Rotarians”

As this month’s focus on ‘Membership’ comes to an end, remember that it remains an ongoing challenge to each of us.  Rotary’s new area of focus ‘The Environment’ provides a great opportunity to engage with likeminded people in our communities. I encourage all Clubs to connect with these groups and invite them along to your Club meetings to tell their story. I suggest Clubs review, plan your projects and seek opportunities to work together on projects. I would also suggest Clubs connect with your local Council Environmental officers to be guest speakers at your meetings. Details on the Enviro Club Awards Program can be found on the District Website and I recommend you become familiar with it. 


There are many events coming up in the next few months, to include:


11-12 September - Australian New Zealand & Pacific Island Zone 8 Virtual Conference

4-5 October — Presidential Conference – Gyeongju, Korea

4-10 October — Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week

24 October — World Polio Day