Rotary Leadership Institute

What is the difference between RLI and PETS?

PETS, like most R.I. Training programs is "job specific". It prepares incoming club presidents for that role.

RLI is a general education program, which starts well before Rotarians may wish to take on more demanding club leadership roles. It ensures Rotarians have a good grounding in Rotary whilst developing their greater leadership skills

Why do we need a leadership institute?

Rotary's strength depends on the quality, education, and leadership of its Rotarians. Leadership skills in a voluntary organization differ from those required in a business environment. Equally, it is difficult, in the busy schedule of most clubs, to learn enough of the exciting world of Rotary with its over 1.2million members in over 160 countries.

Clubs want the best, most skilled Rotarians possible to lead with vibrancy, confidence and enthusiasm The Rotary Leadership Institute combines these two facets to ensure development of strong leadership skills coupled with sound Rotary knowledge.

What happens if I am not available on the date of one session?
You are able to attend one of the other RLI programs running around the district.  Just notify us as soon as possible, to enable this to happen.  The advantage of this is that you get to meet more Rotarians from around the district and learn about their clubs.

If I miss one of the three levels what happens?
After you have completed RLI level 1, if you miss either level 2 or 3 then you are able to complete this the following year to enable you to graduate.  No additional charge is made for this makeup.

Why is there a charge for RLI?
RLI is organised and conducted by fellow Rotarians (who are volunteers). However there are expenses incurred in terms of the resources provided to participants, venues, catering, graduation materials and so on.  This must be a self funded program and the cost is kept low and is way below those charged for commercial professional development training. It is considered to be very good value for money.