Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment
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Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment - RARE (formerly Donations in Kind) is a project of international significance providing urgently needed goods to areas of need. The project aids neighbouring countries and provinces that are poor and in need or those decimated by conflict or natural disaster. Such communities may have been stripped of the most basic requirements of drink, food and shelter.

Rotary District 9780 embarked on a project to send container loads of goods such as building materials, tools, clothing, medical equipment, education aids and stationary supplies to needy areas. The Rotary clubs of Geelong pooled resources to coordinate the collection, sorting and distribution of the donated goods and are the focal point for the district.

Local Rotary clubs are encouraged to seek out surplus supplies, collect and transport them to Geelong for distribution and then raise the funds required to freight the containers to their final destination. There is also a collection point in Ballarat where goods are stored, sorted loaded and transported to Geelong as required.