We should not just give "lip service" to Risk Management, and Risk Management plans should be "a living document", regularly referred to and reviewed. In addition Risk Management plans should be signed off on by each club board prior to the activity being conducted, and for on-going or regular activities, then at least annually.

The following word documents can be downloaded (from left side of page):

  1. Insurance Proforma
  2. Risk Management Form
  3. Risk Management Checklist
  4. Summary of Insurance 06-06

The "Risk Management Checklist" is a quick reference guide for Clubs to use as an aid to ensuring best risk management practice for activities undertaken on a day to day basis. We would encourage Clubs to use this as a matter of course, it is a handy tick card that helps identify and treat every day risk. The modifications to this document are centred around point 6, Children.

The "Rotary Insurance Proforma" and "Risk Management Form" should be completed in instances where the Club requires guidance from the DIOs/Aon as to whether a certain event or activity would be covered under the Rotary insurance programme. The Club should be encouraged to complete and return these documents to their DIO who, if necessary, will forward the documents on to us for discussion with insurers. The modification to the "Risk Management Form" can be found at point 4 and involves the disclosure of "hold harmless" arrangements.