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PROBUS IS A ROTARY COMMUNITY SERVICE ACTIVITY for the senior members of our local communities
  • Probus is the only known Rotary activity that addresses the needs of our senior members of the community.
  • Rotary Health research has  indicated that programs of  this nature make for improved physical and mental health of members.
  • Seniors see Probus as the preferred “Seniors  Club of Choice”.  
The Probus movement had its genesis in two ancestors- both in the U.K. and both established by Rotary clubs.
The first was known as the Campus club and was formed in 1965 by the Rotary Club of Welwyn Garden City, 20 miles north of London.
The second was formed by the Rotary Club of Caterham in 1966 and was named the Probus Club.
Both were formed to meet the need for companionship of their peers and mental stimulation for retired business and professional men.
Since then, Probus has spread around the world.... first to other European countries, then to NZ and Australia... then to South Africa, Nth America, India, Asia, Cyprus, Sth America and Japan.
The word “Probus” is made from the “pro” in professional and the “bus" in business.
The first club in New Zealand was formed in 1974
In Australia, the first club was the Probus Club of Hunters Hill, N.S.W., sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hunters Hill in 1976 with the help of The Rotary Club of Dumbarton, Scotland.
The first Ladies club in Australia was formed at Bateau Bay, NSW in 1982.
The basic purpose of a Probus club is to provide morning meetings and fellowship for those retired and semi-retired people who appreciate and value opportunities to meet others of a similar level of interest, enjoy hearing addresses by guest speakers and visiting places and organizations of specific appeal to members.
Probus Clubs are the initiative of Rotary Clubs and, once formed, are self governing but within the content of the standard Probus constitution .
They are not involved in fund raising activities and are non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit making.
A Probus club is run by its members. Officers are elected annually. The club operates within the standard Probus club constitution (and by-laws) adopted by the club members.
No club may call itself a Probus club or use the Probus emblem unless:
(a) It has been sponsored by a Rotary club (-in consultation with the Rotary District Probus Committee)
(b) It adopts the standard Probus constitution;
(c) Is accredited (on the application of the sponsoring Rotary club) as a Probus club by the Probus South Pacific Limited
How is Probus managed?
Each club is self governing but is overseen/assisted on district level by a Rotary District Chairman and overall by Probus South Pacific Limited.
There is a monthly meeting, usually divided in two parts
        a) Business meeting
        b)  A guest speaker
During the month there will be different activities, and outings for members to attend.
PSPL publish the Active Retirees ( 6 issues) which provides an information service on the activities of Probus and the Probus items and regalia available.  
The Active Retirees magazine is the line of communication to all Probus members, providing information on Probus Management matters, what other clubs are doing as well as the many trips/holidays that are available to Probians.                                                                          
The Probus South Pacific  office is situated in Sydney, NSW
The Secretariat provides assistance and guidance on a variety of matters
There are Men’s clubs, Ladies clubs and Combined clubs.  
Is there a relationship between Rotary and Probus?
YES Probus is a Community Service Activity of Rotary clubs.
  • Probus is an association of retired and semi-retired people who join together in clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide regular opportunities for them to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.
  • Probus clubs may only be formed/sponsored by a Rotary Club.
  • Each Probus club is aligned with a Rotary District.
  • Once Rotary sponsors a Probus club and it is accredited by Probus South Pacific Limited (PSP) it operates within the parameters of its’ Constitution and accreditation requirements.
  • The right to use the Probus name and Probus emblem Trademarks are contingent on an accredited Probus club maintaining its accreditation by complying and abiding with the articles of the Standard Probus Club Constitution (currently dated February 2013) a Constitution that may be amended by PSP from time to time in accordance with the PSP Policy on Constitutional Amendments; the payment of annual fees to PSP and the providing of information as required by PSP from time to time.
It is recommended that Presidents of sponsor Rotary Club and the Probus club keep in touch to maintain and strengthen their relationship.
The vision of the Probus South Pacific Limited (PSP) is to co-ordinate the growth, development and on-going support for Probus clubs, as the most widely recognized organisation for active retirees, in fostering the true spirit of Probus – friendship, fellowship and fun
Rotary Clubs are encouraged:
  • To establish which Probus Clubs have they formed( connect the district Probus committee)
  • To send a quarterly flyer to their sponsored Probus club informing the Probus members of the activities and projects of Rotarians and inviting anyone to be involved.
  • Spread the word about Rotary’s Youth programs e.g. RYLA and Youth Exchange to the Probus clubs..
  • Renew the relationship and see how both clubs may work together.
  • Publish photos of Rotary and Probus on District face book , newsletter and in the local papers....... be proud that Rotary has this wonderful activity for the seniors in our communities. Ensure that Probus uses their social medium to show the Rotary/Probus connection  
Yes three ways
  • Rotary membership . A large number of families can be reached through Probus. Huge potential: Sons, daughters, nieces and nephew, family and friends – potential Rotarians? Grandchildren- potential Rotaractors, Interact, national Youth Science Forum, RYLA, RYPEN, pride of Work, project volunteers Rotary Youth Exchange.
  •  Rotary Service.  A Probus Club cannot be involved in fundraising but individuals may be keen to assist in Rotary projects….. consider Friends of Rotary
  •  Programs e.g. Exchange of information about guest speakers, invitations to AGM
Rotary's commitment and financial investment in the formation of Probus clubs is vital to the continued success of Rotary's most successful community service activity, Probus.
Essential to this continued success is the role of the Rotary District Probus Chairman, they are the key link between Rotary and Probus, their role is to:
  • Investigate the need to form new Probus clubs
  • Engage Rotary clubs to sponsor new Probus clubs
  • Promote Rotary projects to Probus clubs, build and strengthen the relationship between Probus and Rotary
  • Regularly visit and communicate with Probus clubs
  • Assist ageing and failing Probus clubs through process of amalgamation or re-birthing
  • Support Probus clubs in membership development and retention
  • Provide guidelines and guidance on Probus administration
A question submitted in the National Probus magazine... The Active Retirees
  • QWhat is the role of an RDPC?
  • A – Each accredited Probus club is associated to a Rotary District and each Probus club was formed by a Rotary club within that Rotary District.The success of Probus in Australia, New Zealand and The Philippines is due to the commitment from Rotary and the recognition that Probus is a Community Service Program of Rotary clubs. 
  • Rotary District Probus Chairman (RDPC) play an extremely important liaison role between Rotary and Probus and are recognized by Probus Centre as key partners ensuring stability and growth of the Probus organization
  • Each year in the Rotary District there is an appointment of Chair and committee members with a role to undertake in this District.... Listed in Rotary Directory
  • Sometimes the RDPC will not know anything about Probus and has a steep learning curve but enjoy the challenge and the experience gained.
  •  The Probus Chair is invited for a 3 day training session in Sydney ... these officers are trained on all aspects of the Probus organization to be able to assist and advise Probus clubs and are provided with important statistical information related to waiting lists, ageing and demographics. Quarterly reporting is sent to Probus Centre for the Board to address issues and concerns.
  • The RDPC  role is to investigate the need for new Probus clubs, to engage Rotary clubs in sponsoring the formation of new clubs and to ensure the health of existing Probus clubs.
  • In D 9780 we have six Information and Workshop days for Probus club members to attend to share ideas on club management, trips and guest speakers
  • For the past 27 years there has been a Probus District Conference held at different geographical areas in the district. In 2015 it will be held at Maryborough and is being organised by four Probus clubs in the area. The District Governor is invited to attend.
Probus share
Seniors in our communities love to travel but sometimes are unable to find Travel Insurance...... BUT read on   
Probus Travel insurance is now available to Rotarians for private travel . Please visit and compare the two policies.
The Probus Travel Insurance plans are exclusive to Probus South Pacific Limited and can only be accessed if you are a member of a Probus club or Rotary club.
One of the plans offers unlimited medical cover for most countries with the other offering coverage for most pre-existing conditions.*
The Probus Travel Insurance plans are underwritten by ACE Insurance Ltd and is only available to Probus Club Members, Rotary Club members and their accompanying guest.  Accessing either of these plans  is easy, simply complete the application form and submit it to our office with your payment.
The advantage of having the option of two plans is to provide a level of cover for those members with pre-existing conditions and those who wish to have an alternate level of cover with higher coverage limits.
Contact any of the three members on the committee listed above to find out if you have formed a Probus club.
If you think there is a need for a new club in your area please contact the committee.... Remember many of the Probus clubs in this district are 30 + years old and will be finding it difficult to find new members. Many of our District Probus  clubs have 80-100  as the norm for their ages.