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Not all boxes are created equal...
Dear Rotary , 
Lying at the bottom of cupboards everywhere are boxes filled to the top with items which may never see the light of day again.  Packed high in garages, boxes hold treasures from the past we cannot bear to throw out.
I need your help to secure some boxes, however not all boxes are created equal.
To carry out vital surgery within the Asia Pacific region we transport our medical supplies overseas in purpose built medical equipment boxes that ensure our supplies arrive safely and remain fit for surgery.  They are packed with precious equipment and supplies before travelling many miles often right off the beaten path to where they are needed the most.   
Today, Interplast is launching a crowdfunding campaign in the hope that we can raise approximately $18,000 for the purchase of 3 new sets of equipment boxes, replacing our current ones that are tired, damaged and unsafe. 
Not all boxes are created equal but these ones are essential.
I am writing to you in the hope that you will support this campaign by making a one-off donation via https://chuffed.org/project/interplast
Your contribution will go directly towards assisting Interplast carry out life-changing surgery to those who would otherwise be unable to access it.
For anyone (individual or organisation) donating $1,000 or greater, we will add your name to one of the boxes so your contribution can be recognised wherever the boxes travel.
Additionally, I would encourage you to post the site link to your social media channels or share some of the Interplast posts in coming weeks so we can further raise awareness of our important work.
As always, I truly value your support.
Warm regards,
Prue Ingram
Chief Executive Officer
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