3rd November 2018
Dear Club President,
Re:      DISTRICT GOVERNOR 2021 - 2022
The Chair and members of the District Governor Nominating Committee would appreciate you circulating this letter to all of the members of your Rotary Club.
In accordance with the 2016 Bylaws of Rotary International Article 14, the Rotary Clubs of District 9780 are invited to submit suggested candidates for the office of District Governor 2021– 2022.
Suggestions in writing on the forms mentioned below must be with the Nominating Committee Chair, PDG Geoff James either by post to 25 Pekin Rd., Maryborough, Victoria 3465 or e-mail merylandgeoff@bigpond.com or delivered by hand to 25 Pekin Rd., Maryborough Victoria no later than 6.00pm SUNDAY 13th January 2019.
Applications are to be submitted on the "District 9780 Governor Nominee Form" and the "Introduction and Biographical Information Form" signed by the Club President, the Club Secretary and with the agreement of the suggested candidate, and supported by a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the club.
The qualifications, responsibilities, requirements and duties of the Governor are clearly defined on pages iii - iv of the document, “Lead Your District: Governor 2018” which can be downloaded on the District website, or by typing the title into a search engine. The  District Governor 2021-2022 Overview of Competencies (also available on the District website) will also provide an idea of desired qualities in a District Governor. Attention is also drawn to the matters of protocol outlined in the Bylaws of Rotary International, Article 14 – Nominations and Elections for Governor on pages 59 – 64 of the Manual of Procedure 2016.
If, for any reason, the forms and documents mentioned above cannot be downloaded from the District website at www.rotary9780.org, they can be emailed to potential candidates or clubs upon request from the District Governor Nominating Committee Chairman, PDG Geoff James. (merylandgeoff@bigpond.com)
In summary, the four required documents are:
            D9780 Introduction and Biographical Information Form
            District 9780 Governor Nominee Form
            District Governor 2021-2022 Overview of Competencies
            Lead Your District: Governor
Any Past President who will have served a minimum of seven years as a Rotarian at the time of taking office and who would like to learn more about the role, requirements and responsibilities of the office of District Governor should contact PDG Geoff by e-mail on merylandgeoff@bigpond.com or by phone on 03 54605474 , or 0407 684 619.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Anthony Ohlsen - District Governor 2018-2019