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                        [THE CENTURION PROGRAM, D 9780]


To: President, Club Secretary, Foundation Chair:


Dear President, Secretary and Foundation Chair as addressed,


 In an attempt to streamline The Rotary Foundation Fundraising, Centurion Program, please note that only those members that have contributed in the past two years will be sent the Centurion Program Documentation, However to avoid any area of concern a document that might be used for  past members or new members contributions has been made available, and is attached, and may be printed by your Club as  required.

This new document does not in any way affect the past or future contributions of the Members,  it is part of the re structure that hopefully will make the process clear and transparent to them, particularly in the area of understanding the documentation, and the program it represents.



This new format is clear and concise, and explains it's self in plain language making it an easier decision for members to support the Foundation, while maintaining those specific areas that the members are used to using.



Should you have any further questions please contact me, or District 9780 Foundation Chair PDG Geogg James, to give you any assistance you may require, in regard to contributions as individual or club to The Rotary Foundation and in particular the Centurion Program, of Personal giving to the Rotary Foundation.
Thank you for your time,  I remain yours in Rotary Service,
Peter B Simons