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The Australian Rotary Health Sub-Committee provides financial support to research projects within Australia, which will enhance the health of our community (an approved multi-district program)
Chair 2023 - 2024 Meryn Pease - Beaufort

Indigenous Health Scholarships

The program is a co-operative program between Australian Rotary Health, Rotary clubs, some State or Territory Governments and the Commonwealth Government.

The object of this program is to provide a scholarship, which can be used to assist Indigenous students with their day-to-day expenses while they undertake a course in a wide range of health related professions. The scholarship is paid in addition to the Government Austudy allowance.

The purpose of the program is to assist students to gain an education which will in turn enable them to use this education for the benefit of other Indigenous people – hopefully, but not necessarily, in some of our remote areas.

This program commenced with the intention of training doctors to work amongst other Indigenous people, but the scope of the scheme was enlarged to permit the training, firstly of nurses, and eventually any health related profession.

The value of each scholarship is $5,000 per year. A Rotary Club contributes $2,500 per year and the State or Commonwealth Government provides a similar amount. The Commonwealth Government also provides funding for the administration of the program within the Australian Rotary Health office.

Since it’s inception this program has spread, and interested clubs and committees in each of the mainland states and in the Northern Territory are sponsoring students.

Rural Medical Scholarships


Since 2007 Australian Rotary Health has offered 63 Scholarships Australia wide for medical students attending the 15 Rural Clinical Schools in Australia.

The Scholarships provide an incentive for medical students to complete one year working in a rural area. It is hoped the positive experience of rural life and the fellowship of Rotarians will encourage students to practice medicine in rural Australia.

Rural Nursing Scholarships


These Scholarships run parallel to those of the rural medical scholarships.  They provide an incentive for nursing students to complete their 3rd year major clinical placement and graduating year in a rural/remote area.  It is hoped the positive experience of rural life and the fellowship of Rotarians will encourage students to pursue a nursing career in rural Australia.

We currently have 2 major donors to these scholarships and the are known as:

has been running since 2007


has been running since 2011