Recycling - You Can do it.     by David Carlyle

Do you put it in the Tooooooo Hard Basket?
Perhaps you chase something up and get a case of  "The I can’t be Bothered's"?
Perhaps you Just don't care and have better things to do.
We have 52 Clubs in this district, many doing Recycling that none knows about. The aim of this page is to give everyone, access to readily available material.
In a matter of days I gained so much information, on what can be recycled and how to do it.
On the left of this page are two tabs.:-
Files, which will include spread sheets , or word documents including information from clubs who want to help our communities recycle.
Links, which includes links to as much help as we can give you.
An example of this might be Lids For Kids.
By accessing the files you can see which clubs are actively involved. If you are not a Rotarian it will still give you that information.
Perhaps you just want to go it alone, or your school might want to get involved.
If you go into links , you will find the Lids for Kids link. Click on this and it will give you all the details and drop off sites.
Even if you do not Recycle yourself , perhaps you can get Schools, Aged Care facilities etc involved.
Don’t just rely on this page, use the internet.