D9780 Membership Development and Public Image Seminars are being run in various locations around the District in 2019.

These seminars are designed for all Rotarians to learn and share ideas about attracting new members and retaining existing members, while also learning how to promote Rotary in your local communities in a way that will attract new members from across the widest & most diverse spectrum of  people that make up the community in which we live.  

Locations & Dates

Kerang Rotary Club Rooms
Saturday 25 May
Geelong Venue TBA
Saturday 3 August
Horsham Venue TBA
Saturday 5 October
Ballarat Grammar
Saturday 2 November
Port Fairy Venue TBA
Saturday 23 November



Registration for attendance is only available through the on-line registration system.  Payment can only be made by CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL.  

You do NOT need a paypal account to pay by credit card.
The event registration system is a Clubrunner application.  As a Rotary member it will ask you for a log-in password, which will allow autofill of your personal details.
However if you do not know your Clubrunner log-in or you are registering a guest, personal details (FIRST NAME, SURNAME & EMAIL is all that is required) can be filled in manually.  Clubrunner log-in is NOT mandatory for event registration.
If you are unfamiliar with the district on-line registration system you can review the process by selecting the following link.  

Each attendee is required

to register and pay $35