Multi District President Elect Learning & Development Seminar

Federation University Ballarat, from Saturday 16 March to Sunday 17 March 2019.





Registration for this event will close on 25 February


Registration for PETS attendance is only available through the on-line registration system.  Payment can only be made by CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL.  

You DO NOT need a paypal account to pay by credit card.
The event registration system is a Clubrunner application.  As a Rotary member it will ask you for a log-in & password, which will allow autofill of your personal details.  However if you do not know your Clubrunner log-in or you are registering a guest, personal details (name and email address is all that is required) can be filled in manually.  Clubrunner log-in is NOT mandatory for conference registration.
If you are a Club official and wish to register multiple members you can do so without login.  It will be necessary to register each member separately but only first name, second name, club name and email address is required.  Separate payment for each member will also  be required through the online booking system.
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