Sunday 27 November 2021

  1. Melbourne convention 2023 - positions available
  2. Midsumma Pride March & Festival
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Dec 13, 2021 – Dec 15, 2021
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Melbourne convention 2023 - positions available
The 2023 Rotary International Melbourne Convention committee to seeks interested Rotarians to fill various roles with the House of Friendship as follows.  Please follow the links for each of the Position Descriptions and how to apply.

Midsumma Pride March & Festival

As I have started to share my ideas, opinions and stories about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Rotary, I have heard so many of our leaders say to me: “We’re a really decent club/district. We don’t have any bad people. So, we don’t have a problem. Right?”
I’ve also heard things like “why is Rotary doing something so political” and “there are no gay people in my community.”
These comments come from a space of ignorance, and I always consider them a teaching moment. For us to survive as an organisation, we need to be welcoming of everyone no matter how they look or identify. But while diversity, equity and inclusion have climbed the Rotary agenda over the past decade, many Rotary members in Australia that are not white, older, cisgender and straight continue to face discrimination, discomfort, and even danger in our clubs. When it comes to true inclusion, everyday interactions with peers and leaders matter as much as organisational policies or formal processes.
Here are a number of ways to make your club and Rotary as a whole more inclusive for people that ‘look’ a little different then the majority of your members:
Start having conversations.
In order to understand the challenges that exist for people that “look” different, leaders at all level (club, district, zone, and international) should stay connected to what it means to be someone in that group. This means:
Rotary Leader - Helping club and district leaders achieve success
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