Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee

Chair 2019 - 2020
Gail Barrett : Portland

PP Terry Allan: Maryborough;  PP Judy Ross: Warrnambool;  DG Anthony Ohlsen: Maryborough;  PP Judy Dennis: Ballarat East; PP Thea Allen Maryborough

 The Friendship Exchange Committee promotes participation in Rotary Friendship Exchanges as a way for Rotarians to share common interests and humanitarian passions while developing Rotary friendships worldwide.

New Tool For Finding Exchange Partners!

An exciting new tool to help you identify exchange partners is replacing the RFE Matching Board! The Exchange Finder Map is available on the Rotary Friendship Exchange webpage; this tool allows those interested in participating in an RFE to use an interactive map to locate the district they would like to visit and access a link directly to a webpage to learn more about the district’s exchange details and connect to leadership and explore exchange opportunities.  

In response to your feedback and requests for resources to help identify prospective exchange partners, we have designed this new tool to help you identify which districts have appointed a District Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee Chair. By linking directly to an RFE webpage, this new tool will allow you and your district to have control over what RFE program content you choose to share through your website as well as the ability to update this content as needed. Districts that have reported a Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee Chair to Rotary will be featured on the new RFE Matching Map.

We are very excited about this new tool!  Don't worry; keep reading for next steps on how to get started and an example to help you and your district develop your own web page to have featured on our new Exchange Finder Map!


Lisa Cook
Getting Started
  • Work with your district website webmaster to secure a page on your district's website to present information about your RFE program or
  • Create a social media or webpage to host your RFE program information
  • Provide RI with your webpage URL by completing this online form.
  • In return, RI will promote your RFE’s website through our new RFE Matching Map.  
Read the FAQ guide to help you build out your  RFE web page.


Check out District 6250’s RFE web page they house on their districts website.  You can see an example image below.  Here District 6250 hosts general information about the Friendship Exchange program, contact information for their RFE chair, and specific itinerary information for their current exchanges.