District Chair for Foundation Giving 2023 - 24 - Michele Van Liessum (Geelong) 

Michele is available for zoom meetings with your Club, and for potential Club visits in the second half of this Rotary year.  You can contact Michele on mvlsolutions@bigpond.com
Personal Giving to The Rotary Foundation
Contributing to TRF is voluntary, but a certain expectation is accepted by Rotarians that they support TRF to the best of their abilities.  The following brief outlines on some of the various 'levels', of contribution to TRF are shown here to assist in that decision making process. It may take a change in thought process as well - it might well be suggested that philanthropic activities of members might be thought of as a personal goal, in making TRF your charity of choice.
Centurion Program:
This program is used in this District as a method of supporting the Annual Program Fund, and has been well canvassed within the district.  Through the principle of Every Rotarian Every Year, its operation involves $100.00 per head per annum.  It also supports the Sustaining Member Program that is achieved by a contribution of US $100.00 per head per annum. Centurion contributions can be directed to Polio Plus, with all avenues accruing credits for PHF recognition.
Paul Harris Fellow [Recognition]:
This particular contribution is US $1,000.00 and is possibly better known than most.  This recognition can be built on with additional contributions of US $1,000.00, over any period of time, to add five Sapphires and then three rubies to the badge.
Paul Harris Society:
This is in a similar vein as the above recognition; however this level involves regular contributions at the level of US $1,000.00 per annum.  Contributions may be made as a lump sum, or in regular instalments. 
Benefactor and Bequest Society:
This form or level of contribution comes from a different direction;   this level is available to any member that makes provision in their Will or Estate Plan, naming Rotary as a beneficiary.   This outright contribution becomes part of the Permanent Fund
Major Donor:
This is achieved by individuals or couples, whose cumulative or single contribution is, or reaches, US $10,000:00.
Further Major Donor levels are US $25,000; $50,000 to $100,000.  After this, the Arch C. Klumph  society comes into being up to 1 Million Dollars US.
The Rotary Foundation Funds
Explanations of Funds are also valuable information:
1] Annual Programs Fund: This fund is the Primary source of funding, for TRF and its programs.
2] Permanent Fund: This is an endowment fund, from which, any earnings from the capitol contribution, are spent on the Foundations programs.
3] Polio Plus Fund: This fund is responsible for paying all grants made in support of the polio plus program, and it's goal of the eradication of polio worldwide.
To source pre-filled forms for donations to The Rotary Foundation, please follow the instructions below
  • Log in to MyRotary (if you don’t have a log in already you can create one on www.rotary.org
  • Once logged In
  • Go to MANAGE
  • Scroll to Club Giving
  • Go to Multiple Donor Printable Forms, the following should be in the browser line
  • Click on Prefilled Multiple Donor Printable Forms
  • Select members to add to form, (not all have to be selected)
  • A PDF file will come up prefilled with the Club information, members names and ID’s.
  • Save the form and print off as needed, add the amounts being donated, which can vary for each member.
  • You will need a form for each area of donation