The Rotary Resources Gift box is a collection of free resources for use by Rotary groups around the world.
Our aim is to share the creativity and skills of Rotarians so we don't have to reinvent the wheel each time we want to create some item for use in our work of "doing good" in the world. Of course, as is the essence of creativity, we expect you to take these ideas and tweak or modify them to suit your own circumstances.
Our latest editions are "INK Spots" - INK = "Information Need to Know". These are 3 minute powerpoints that can be presented by anyone in your club to inform members about some of the basic facts of Rotary and Rotary activities. 25 have been prepared and they will be uploaded to this site over the coming weeks. They have been prepared specifically for the Maryborough Rotary Club in Victoria, Australia, but most of them apply to any Rotary club in the world. Check them first, and make any changes to suit your own club's circumstances.
Feel free to download and use the resources as you wish.
If you have other resources that would fit into any of the listed categories on the left, please send them to us at